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10/26/13Binder For State Farm Automobile InsuranceBinderForStateFarmAutomobileInsurance PolicyNumber:2797251D2606PolicyOwners(NamedInsureds) Maurice, jennarAgent LezlieLeier 2701IrisAveSteN Boulder,CO803042435
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State Farm, Inc. is one of the country's largest companies and one of its major companies is State Farm Insurance Company. As a part of State Farm, we are also one of the best and most reliable insurance companies in the country, which is why State Farm offers more coverage than the competition. We are the only company to offer premium life insurance coverage for a 1 million limits. With us, your family can invest in lifetime financial security not achievable through any other investment vehicle. With additional protection, you can rest assured that your family is protected from loss, damage and liability for the foreseeable future. The insurance company we represent is the only company offering life insurance cover for a 1 million limits. This insurance is built around your lifetime financial security in the event of loss. You can insure your entire life, or you can insure a portion of your life that you choose. The protection built around a 1 million limits can not be found anywhere else in the insurance industry. It is the insurance industry standard. What do we mean by life insurance “protections”? Most people think insurance is some kind of insurance. Life insurance are designed to provide a minimum of a monthly income to protect you in case of death. With State Farm's 1 million lifetime protection, your family can easily build this protection to its full potential. It gives you the peace of mind that you will not lose a dime if you happen to pass away. When you want to insure your life for a 1 million limits, you choose a company that is one of the best insurance companies in the country, to give you the best protection when your family is in danger. State Farm is the only company guaranteeing 1 million policy protection — with 1000 additional coverage. With other coverage options, your insurance will only cover 75% of the value of your life. This is the difference between having “something and nothing” when the unthinkable happens with 1 million insurance, when most people would just have “nothing” — and nothing is guaranteed. And you don't have to believe us when we say this: State Farm has 1 million of 1000 additional annual coverage. That's the insurance equivalent or the “nothing” that most other insurance companies won't provide. When you have a 1 million policy and 1000 additional coverages, you're a millionaire, and you can rest easy knowing that you could protect your family's financial security until the end of time.
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